Julklappstips del 1

Nu har barnen klätt två granar, jag har hängt upp (nya) julgardiner (de från förra och förrförra året hängde fortfarande kvar, det var dags att tvätta dem) och det står inte mindre än sex kartonger julpynt i matsalen och väntar. Väntar på Martha Giolito. I helgen är det första advent och då sätter jag Carolas jul på repeat.

Så nu kommer mitt första (och förmodligen sista) julklappstips: Juggle Angels, klänningar för flickor som gillar att leka.

Det är en av mina allra finaste och bästa vänner som har startat Juggle Angels, Simona Ingravalle, jag bad henne att svara på några frågor om varför just hennes klänningar är så fantastiska.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?

I’m Italian, 43 years old, wife and mom, living in Brussels. I graduated in Economics about 20 years ago and came to Brussels to work in the European Commission. After three years  with the Commission, I was hired by  a consulting company (Andersen) where I intially worked on EC-related jobs and then specialised in Change Management. I loved my job, but after six years I followed my husband  to  Austria and Italy. During these years I first worked with Anna Maria Corazza to set up the www.italiantradition.com business and then got my twin daughters.  One year ago, I started this new adventure.

Tell us about your company. You sell dresses for girls, up to 10 years old. But what is so special with your clothes?

My associate partner and I created a ”modular” dress (a basic jumper made in a very soft, comfy and easy-to-care fleece) who can be worn alone but also be ”accessorized” with removable ”kits”. Each kit is composed of a collar, a pocket decoration and an underskirt; these 3 pieces can be attached to the dress with snap buttons, invisible from outside. The collar shapes and fabrics vary from English ”Liberty” to original Japanese flowery fabric or ruffled soft lace. Simple, good to play in, and very cute.


(Simona’s daughter Emma)

How did you get the idea to start Juggle Angels?

We were inspired by our own daughters. They want to feel comfortable even when wearing ”nice dresses”. Elegant often means unconfortable and expensive. Therefore we wanted to create something fun for the girls who love to change look every day but stay reasonable in price. Give them the choice between classical, funny, rock, elegant styles without having to buy every time a new dress.  I also wanted to have a ”Slowear” collection allowing moms to spend in a more ”smart” way. Our ”Mash-up fashion for it girls” takes inspiration from the current trend of mix and match to re-invent each one’s style as one wishes…

How do you like working with a friend?

Considering that I spend more time with my associate partner then with my husband I think that it can only work if you really share the same rigour and professionalism, but also have fun together.  We also have a lot in common, including the need to be able to combine work with our kids. We understand and support each other.

How would you like Juggle Angles to develop? Will there be new collections? More than dresses? Tell us about your dreams for the future.

We are  working on the spring-summer collection which will include the same basic dress in a lighter fabric and more colours . It’ll be possible to attach existing kits to the new dresses in order to have a big collection of accessories. New items will also be presented. I have plenty of dreams but for this time I’ll keep them secret and let you know as soon as they come true.

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